Created on September 12, 2020
Liceul cu Program Sportiv, Strada 9 Mai, Bacău, România


Now, more than ever, we are all aware of how harmful plastic is for nature. The oceans are filled with plastic, whole countries are polluted by this material that is oh so present in our lives. What they don’t tell us and what we don’t actually know about plastic is its effect on the human body. 

Environmental issues are extremely complex, as causes are interrelated, which means that we must act at all levels to prevent the world from self-destruction. The authors of the artwork wanted to raise awareness about the need to fight pollution and to clean up the environment, our own environment. It’s the first step to take in every long-term change, one we must take if we want to make things right.

The artwork covers 80 square meters and has been created using mostly air-purifying paint and spray paint.
Created for the 3rd edition of ZidArt - DomiNow 2020
Bogdan Cazacincu & Alin Mihail—Awareness

Hunted by Zidart Fest.