Created on September 26, 2022
Νέας Ελβετίας & Καραολή και Δημητρίου, Βύρωνας 162 32, Ελλάδα
A new mural on the theme of mutual aid and the feeling of unity between people was recently created in the Municipality of Vyronas. The work depicts people comforting and emotionally supporting each other, support that is as important as material support. At the same time, these figures are also a symbol of the strengthening and enrichment of communities through migration and the mixing of cultures.

The artist of the work is Yessi Nur Mulianawati aka @yessiow, an illustrator and mural artist from Bali, Indonesia. After Belgium and Berlin, Athens, and more specifically the Vyronas district, was the third destination of her European tour.

Together with her partner Stijn, she decided to live a nomadic lifestyle abroad, building a street art career outside of Indonesia while working as a freelance digital illustrator online. The murals they have worked on together can be found in various countries, including Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Turkey, South Africa, Italy, and now Greece.

Yessiow's work is heavily influenced by her love of bright colors, no doubt because she grew up on a tropical island. She likes to see her works in public spaces become part of the daily life of the local community, integrated into the activities of the people who pass by there every day.

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