Created on September 20, 2023
Via Torri, 6, 36057 Arcugnano VI, Italia
The Chilean artist Dasic Fernandez created his only work in Italy in Arcugnano.

The work is located inside the main hall of the Ugo Foscolo school and was created together with a young assistant found on site.

An interesting fact about this work concerns the relationship between Dasic and the assistant, a young emerging artist and tattoo artist, selected by the Jeos association.
After observing him at work, Dasic left him complete carte blanche in creating the work, obviously following his sketch and putting it to the test.

The work, created with the surrealist style that distinguishes the artist, represents his daughter's face while she sleeps. The face, however, is in turn composed of dreamlike elements, belonging to a fantasy world, which are part of the little girl's dream.
Among these elements, there are many South American landscapes, familiar to the artist.

The artwork is inside the school, it cannot be seen from visitors, except during open school days!
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