Created on October 14, 2022
Schoenstraat 6, 2140 Antwerpen, België

Extra vs Intra

Susanna Ingignoli is an artist from Milano who has been living in Antwerp for the past year while studying at Sint Lucas. When Joachim asked her to join Walls of BoHo, she did some research and found out about the "extra " and "intra muros" concept of Borgerhout. An administrative division between the 2 sides of Borgerhout with an actual historical wall in between, the wall being the railway and the highway.  
The part inside those walls is "intra muros," (meaning within the walls). It is built around a big boulevard, the Turnhoutsebaan, a big shopping street, offering both food and clothing, in both Belgian and foreigner's stores. "Intra muros" is the young and trendy part of Borgerhout, with a lot of so-called "hipster bars". 
While the outside , the "extra muros" is an area with much more challenges.
Susanna was so surprised that she thought of the concept of "extra" and "intra" merging with the common "A" in the middle, ultimately leading to a typographic explosion that takes care of this disunity and creating a new whole .....

Part of Walls of BoHo 2022 
Susanna Ingignoli—Extra vs Intra

Hunted by Tim.

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