Created on August 27, 2022
Constant de Jongstraat 62, 2170 Antwerpen, België


Equatorial' is the title of the creative project that Ecuadorian artist Jairo Mena Herrera executed during his stay in Belgium, this project is part of the residency program 'Art(e) for Community Building' promoted by Mundana VZW based in Antwerp, directed by cultural manager Javier Perugachi and journalist Lisa Couderé. The month-long residency includes the production of a public mural, exhibition and a conference on the artist's creative process and his vision of the new Ecuadorian mural. He got help from his friend Francisco Maturana from Chili.

For this mural, we discovered the center of Antwerp to collect a series of objects from different parts of the city. These objects do not refer to the history of the city. Our idea was always to value the diversity of cultures and nationalities that live together in the city. We have been inspired by the compositions of traditional Flemish painting. The mural shows a domestic scene where objects and products from different parts of the world come together. Products that are part of the home situations of Belgians and migrant Belgians. In this way we created a scene that shows how we live unnoticed with things that are made all over the world. Being aware of this can help us appreciate every person, regardless of their skin color, language, clothing,… and try to be more empathetic.”
Mundana, Francisco Maturana—EquatorialMundana, Francisco Maturana—EquatorialMundana, Francisco Maturana—EquatorialMundana, Francisco Maturana—EquatorialMundana, Francisco Maturana—Equatorial

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