Lageweg 427, 2660 Antwerpen, Belgium

Hoboken legal wall

The outer walls of "Depannage 2000"  opened in the summer of 2015.
Next to the bikepath, be carefull when you paint there, you'll find a wall of 150 m long on 3 m high.

Please respect following rules: 
  1. For your own safety, watch out for bikes, especially the fast speed pedelecs. 
  2. Do not leave spray cans, caps or other waste. 
  3. Political or discriminatory expressions are not tolerated. 
  4. The works may be painted over at any time. 
  5. Graffiti outside the designated area is not permitted and can be punished according to the general police regulations of the city of Antwerp.
—Hoboken legal wall—Hoboken legal wall—Hoboken legal wall—Hoboken legal wall—Hoboken legal wall
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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