Created on October 14, 2022
Terloplein 112, 2140 Antwerpen, België
For the 2nd edition of Walls of BoHo district did an open  call for all creatives to send in their design and 14 year old Anastasia Tsiqaridze won. She worked together with curator Joachim to paint her design.

Anastasia got inspired by Japanese Manga. It is striking that she deliberately chose to present the figure without a face, so that all emotional characteristics disappear and it becomes unclear to the viewer who or what it is about. The sober line drawing is both man and woman, happy and melancholic. Strong yet vulnerable.
In short, open to interpretation and therefore perfectly in line with this year's theme: 'Diversity'.

Joachim, Anastasia—UntitledJoachim, Anastasia—Untitled
Hunted by Tim.

Marker details

Camera usedOnePlus IN2023
Marker typeartwork