Created on April 14, 2017
33 Belmont St, Aberdeen AB10 1JS, UK

The incredible tile design created by Add Fuel viewable from Union Bridge is based on Aberdeen's Victorian tenement tiled floors. Add Fuel looked at the colours and motifs of the original tile designs and worked them into his mural to create a piece that is unique to Aberdeen. Of course Add Fuel added his own unique style to the design but we love this Portuguese Aberdeen cross over!

Painted on what was previously a series of large white panels used by the nearby pub to project football matches, Add Fuel transformed this prime spot off Belmont Street with a mural that perfectly complements the surrounding buildings.

Add Fuel's work sees him reinterpreting and remixing the language of traditional tile pattern design, often referencing the azulejo ceramic tiles seen across Portugal.

Add Fuel was "inspired by the tiled floors found in many of our older shop doorways and Victorian tenement flats.".

Using the images supplied by Reid, Add Fuel's Aberdeen mural saw him swap his signature Portuguese blue colour palette and patterns for one more in line with those of the Granite City ensuring the piece has a unique Scottish feel to the work. Below is our selection of images we captured while in the town of Add Fuel working on his mural over a number of visits to the location over the weekend.

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Hunted by Tim.

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