Created on June 17, 2023
Nytorv 27, 9000 Aalborg, Danmark


For KIRK Gallery 2023, located on the rooftop of FRIIS shoppingcenter

The inspiration of mixing a person with an architectural city view, Cristian has found in old films and the art of the covers of different records. Cristian feels that conveying something alive becomes much easier with the use of the combination of two images juxtaposed. For him this combination of images becomes a meditative process allowing a seamless transition from one image to another.

The artist tells the following:
“When I travel and explore different cities, sometimes the people mimic the architecture of the city. Somehow, the people are mirrored by their environment, or perhaps their environment is mirrored by them. There’s also some joy to be found in placing people somewhere they’ve never been, but where they fit perfectly”.
Cristian Blanxer—Contraluz
Hunted by MM.
Pictures by KIRK Gallery.

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