Created on September 17, 2020
Nørregade 31, Aalborg, Danmark


Telling about how the mural ‘TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land’, came to life, INTI wanted to refer to the relationship between Denmark and Chile and how both countries are very focused at environmental issues and how the preserve nature and original cultures.

"While beginning this mural in Denmark (a country known for its environmental policies), the Mapuche people in Chile continue their historic fight for their land. The mural in Aalborg explores the common ground existing between two distant cultures.
Where there mainly seem to be differences, both countries maintain a relationship of respect and harmony with the land we inhabit living in us.
Today more than ever we have to learn from those who have managed to live in balance with our ecosystem."

Inti Castro, artistically known as INTI (meaning sun in Quechua), is one of Latin America’s foremost street artists and an artistic ambassador to the world. Coming from a family dedicated to the arts and music, he started tagging the streets of his hometown Valparaiso at the age of 13. Working on the street gave him a freedom to explore from the earliest days of his artistic practice. Yet whilst the wall was his natural medium, he also went through formal artistic studies at the Fine Arts School of Viña del Mar. There he acquired the rigor and training of a professional painter. Life experiences and his street practice rounded off his formation.
Hunted by Kirk Gallery.

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