Created on October 12, 2019
Østergade 49, 9631 Gedsted, Danmark
For Kirk Gallery.

Inspired by the surroundings of the beautiful nature in the area and the very friendly folks in Gedsted taking him in, Joram Roukes has managed capturing the people communing with nature, the ecosystem and all the breeding animals walking freely around in the area such as pigs, goats, deers and more.
Intrigued by the way of life and the incredible helpfulness and hospitality of the inhabitants living in a small cabin in the woods right by the water, Joram Roukes ended up becoming a part of the society feeling inspired to paint a large mural on a 26 m high silo at the entrance of the town, besides working on new pieces at his cabin.
The 900 inhabitants of Gedsted will never forget about him and took him in like one of their own while he was there.
Joram Roukes—Untitled
Hunted by Fredric Sanabria.
Pictures by Joram Roukes.

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